Multi Select options in SharePoint

I have a list with a multi select choice field, depending on which option has been selected I want to run some steps in a Power Automate flow.

Multi Select Choice Fields in SharePoint

This could be difficult.

The logic of field equals value doesn’t work as I might have multiple values selected.

Dynamic content in Flow

Choice fields in Flow

This is where Flow makes things easy for you.

My Multi select choice field is called Checks.

Multi Select Choice field in SharePoint

In my form I can pick form 3 different options.

Now when I look in Microsoft Flow I can see 3 different Checks.

  • Checks
  • Check Item
  • Checks Value

Which one should I use?

Checks returns you a json objects as an array so that you can step through the different options selected in your tick box.


This option is good if you would like to get hold of the other information in your json. For example the Id of the option.

Check fields in json

Check Item

The Check Item gives you the full json as a single array object that you can work with. If for example you want to count the number of item selected you might want to use this.

Compose action showing values

Checks Value

Now finally the option that I was after, Checks Value.

Get just the values of a multi select

This simply gives me the options that I’m after. Now I want to run different steps depending on the options selected. A plain switch would not work, however we are inside the Apply to Each. With a switch inside the Apply to each we can get the flow to run something for each option that could be selected in my choice field.

Options in an Apply to each

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  1. The Apply to each input and the Compose output both need to be the SP List item Value, which isn’t shown or clearly explained here.

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