Runtime versions in Azure functions

Today I tried to move one of my PowerShell scripts that I was running as a scheduled task to my Azure Functions. Remembering how I did this a while back with some PnP PowerShell scripts I knew that Azure Functions could do this. I found quite quickly that the preview functionality looked like turning into deprecated options.

My PowerApps friend Paul Culmsee pointed me in the direction of the Experimental Language Support toggle, however in my environment I did not find this option.  This is however documented in the Azure Functions runtime versions overview.  Ok, I’m running version 2 and I need to run runtime version 1.

Runtime versions in Azure functions

I had to create a new Azure Function first as you can’t change this version number once you have a few functions inside the app. With the new app I changed my runtime version as shown above.


And the experimental Language support option appeared!

No powershell options in Azure Fucntions

I switched the Experimental Language Support on and the PowerShell options appeared!

PowerShell options in Azure Fucntions


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