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Today I was asked how to get Tasks that are due in a SharePoint task list. In SharePoint tasks are nicely marked red when they are due, but to query the tasks by due date in Flow is slightly harder, or maybe it is not that difficult after all. In this post I describe the 2 steps. I could have done this in 1 step, but it is easier to explain things when I use 2.

Overdue tasks in SharePoint

Overdue tasks in SharePoint

Overdue tasks in Flow

In Flow I can use the following 2 steps

Overdue tasks in Flow

For the basics about OData Queries, please see my post about OData Queries in the Get Items action

The Today variable is initialized with the following expression

formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'yyyy-MM-dd')

and this variable is then used in the filter query of the get items action:

DueDate lt '@{variables('Today')}'

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