New Flow Options

Recently some new options have been added to create new flows in Microsoft Flow.

On top of the already existing Create from template option there are now options to create an Automated, Instant or Scheduled Flow. What does this really mean?

New Flow Options

Automated – From Blank

Automated flows are flows that start with an event. Most of these triggers will start with the word When… With automated flows you can select a trigger and give your automated flow a name. I like this naming thing as this will avoid the horrible automatically generated names of flows.

automated flows

Now you can search the triggers.

search automated flows

One thing you will notice when you start to use this new interface is that the connectors aren’t listed anymore. You just get the triggers listed. This is a bit of a shame as it makes it harder to find that connector that you don’t know about. Also, just because a connector doesn’t have a trigger it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. for example, I searched for SMS

SMS Search

I know that there are more connectors for sending SMSes. See my post about SMS handling in Flow

One option to notice is the Skip. This still gets you to the familiar interface and you can find all the connectors that you are looking for.

Instant -From blank

An instant flow can either be started from a PowerApp ( e.g. a button) or a Flow button.

Instant flow

The Flow button or Manually trigger a flow is one of those triggers that I often use for testing.

Manually trigger a flow

This trigger is easy to create and it doesn’t need any configuration.

Scheduled – From Blank

Finally the Scheduled workflows run on a specified schedule. Note that as you use a P1 or P2 you will be able to schedule your flows on a higher frequency that when you use Free Flow.

Scheduled Flow

With the above settings you can run a flow every minute starting at a specified time. Once you’ve created your scheduled flow you can also configure the more advanced options like timezone.

My thoughts

I like these 3 additional options however, I would love to see a create a blank Flow option in the New menu. Currently I will have to select any of the options and click on Skip.


By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using

2 thoughts on “3 options to create your flows in Microsoft Flow”
  1. Agreed, Peter on your last comment. I found the interface very unclear and offputting — though I did luck into my right selection.

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU!!! With the current change it has made many of the training document for PnP Provisioning very frustrating for me but your blog has cleared things up.

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