Task Aggregation In Microsoft Planner

Would it not be nice if you could aggregate all tasks and present them all in a single location?

Planner Tasks

Have you started to use Microsoft Planner across your teams in Microsoft Teams? In each team you create some tasks and now you would like to have an overview of all the tasks across the teams.

Or, how about if you want to find everybody’s tasks in teams that you are part of. E.g. If you are a manager of the IT department and there are 10 IT related teams in Microsoft Teams and you want to see what everybody is doing.

Planner tasks

Well, you can!

Aggregate all Tasks in PowerApps

Below you can see an example of an app that displays all tasks in planner for each team.

Task AggregationIn Microsoft Planner

All of this is just done with just a few galleries and labels. The plans are collected and displayed in a gallery on the left. Then the details of the tasks are displayed on the right. Of course UX wise this app can be adjusted. I only created this app to give you a general idea of the possibilities.

App designer

Do you like the idea of aggregating all tasks in a single place? It is just a few steps away.

Just create yourself an app and it is easy to then aggregate all tasks into a single overview.

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7 thoughts on “Aggregate all tasks from your plans in Planner and PowerApps”
    1. PoweeApps is available as part of office 365. As this doesn’t connect into anything that would require premium licences, you would be able to create this app.

      1. Hi Pieter, my question was not about the licensing model of Power Apps. As we have a large community of E5/E3 & E1 licenses we can use basic Power Apps. My question was about the Power App in question. Are you willing to share/sell/commericalise the App?

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