Reassign approvals

When you use approvals in Microsoft Flow you might have found the recent additions of Approve, Reject and Reassign in the Approvals UI.

Rassign an approval task in Flow

On top of this there is also a cancel when you look at all the sent Approvals for the approval tasks that you sent from your flows.

Cancel an approval request in flow


These UI options are nice for the user but what should you do in your workflows?

Reassign Approvals

When a user reassigns you might need to make sure that you check the actual approver against the approver that you assigned to the task. Quite often you might not worry about this, but many systems will want to keep track on who approved a document or an other piece of data.  You simply cannot assume that the approver is the same as you wanted t to be in the first place.

Approval or rejection

When a user approves or rejects the item you can check for Approve or Reject. You can use a condition as shown below or you could use a switch step.

Reject an approval request

Cancel Approvals

When a user cancels an approval your flow will now continue. So you will need to check the outcome of the approval step and when the approval step is empty then you can assume that someone used the cancel option in the approval UI.

cancelled outcome from an approval request

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