Time zones in MS Flow

Time travel with Microsoft Flow

Hopefully you will have some spare time to go through this post. Recently I’ve been playing with time fields in Microsoft Flow and it has been a struggle when times in systems don’t match my local time. Calculations often don’t make sense and it is important to offer the user the right time rather than the time used by a system.

Time in Flow

In flow times are looked at as a text. So there is nothing clever about it. No complicated data structures. Just text!

An example of a time:


Well this is not very helpful is it? No clue which time zone we are in. But there is help just around the corner. I created the following flow

Time Flow

When I ran my flow I found that the Timestamp was one hour out. ( My local time zone the London)

Converting time zones

There is a convertTimeZone function available in Flow.

The function takes 3 parameters.

  • A time
  • A source time zone
  • A destination timezone

The above 3 ingredients is all you need to make time travel happen. Wow, this is easy! Something like the following just simply works:

convertTimeZone(outputs('Compose'),'UTC','GMT Standard Time')

Now you just need to know what all the time zones are called. Luckily Microsoft has documented all the time zones.


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