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Have you ever tried to record a video but you found that you haven’t got the right tools? Microsoft Teams can help!

Record a video

In this post you will see that it is easy to create a recording in a Microsoft Teams meeting when you are on your own.

Today I received a comment on my post about creating recordings asking if it is possible to create recordings without anybody else in your meeting. Well if you have Microsoft Teams then it is very easy to create video for educational purposes. All you need to do is go to one of your teams, click on the Meet now button  to setup a Microsoft Teams Meeting and then don’t forget to not invite anybody else. So that you are on your own.

Follow the meet now option in Teams

Joining the meeting

Then click on the Join now.  This is the moment where you can check that you video is working ok as teams will show you your video output in the preview window.

Click on the Join now

Starting the recording

Once you joined the meeting you can Start your recording by selecting the Start recording option.

Start to record a video

Now you can start presenting whatever you want to appear in your recording. Don’t worry about things going wrong too much. You can always edit the recording later on in Microsoft Stream.

Finishing the recording

And when you are finished, end your recording and then after a while you will receive a notification that your recording is available.

Recorded your meeting

That is easy!

In this post I’ve shown you how to record teams meetings and find back the recording of your teams meeting in Stream.

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2 thoughts on “Record a video with Microsoft Teams”
  1. You didn’t mention this uses a channel meeting, which is by definition open for anyone in the team/channel to join and interrupt. If you have a scratch team with just yourself, or one with your supervisor and let them know what you’re doing, it’s fine. Otherwise, all team members may see an entry in the channel conversation for the meeting, and a notification depending on their settings.

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