Get files filter options

Remember last week’s posts about getting all files in a folder in SharePoint? I used the Send an http request to SharePoint action avoiding the odata filter options in the get files action.

I mentioned the Get files (properties only) action as shown below.

Get all files using get files action

Get files

Well today the Get files (properties only) action has some new options available.

Get files filter options

Folder Filter options

The options now available are Limit Entries to Folder and  Include Nested Items.

Include Nested Items

In the Limit Entries to folder option you can supply the folder location. In the Include Nested Items you can say yes or no to include sub folders or not.

Get Items Action

Even though in lists it is less common to include folders. It is not impossible to have folders, hence the options mentioned above have been included in the get items action as well.

2 New filter options in Get Files action in SharePoint connector Microsoft Power Automate GetItems filter by folder

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3 thoughts on “2 New filter options in Get Files action in SharePoint connector”
  1. I have the same issue! This was driving me nuts. This new option is clearly broken.

    What is interesting is that “Include Nested Items” works on the first 15 or so folders in the library, but as soon as I “Limit Entries to Folder” and specify the 16th or later folder, then the result is empty – but if I turn off “Include Nested Items” then it works.

    I can only conclude that “Include Nested Items” is mostly incompatible with “Limit Entries to Folder”, and this is a BUG.

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