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Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now!

Do you find that the Power Platform updates appear randomly. There is now an options to Update Now!

In you Power Platform Admin Center you can select your environment and then in the Updates section there is a link to Manage the Updates.

Update Now button

As you can see in my environment below I’ve got 2020 release wave 1 ready to be installed. It is just one click on the Update Now button away.

Daniel Laskewitz pointed out that this option has been there since the last update but I hadn’t noticed it yet. Time to investigate.

Update Now button for updates

Time to risk my environment and click that button!

Note: If you decide to upgrade your environment, I will not take any responsibility!

The Steps to take

The nice thing is that the update seems to be on an environment by environment basis. So if this goes wrong then hopefully only one of my many environments will be in trouble!

Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now! 1

Now while the updates happen, I get some changes to appear in the updates section of the admin center:

Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now! 2

The See what’s included link is now available as well in case you didn’t check it earlier.

Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now! 3

Well the result then takes quite a while

Update Progress

Environment Settings

While I’m waiting for all of these updates to be installed, I’m getting a bit side tracked. (Nothing better than a bit of side tracking in a blog post!)

Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now! 4

I’m no mentioning the above because it isn’t relevant. This is where you can change the Type of your environment fro production to Sandbox, but also notice the Refresh cadence (Gosh what kind of term is that!)

I short Refresh cadence lets you set the “How often you want to receive updates!”. Ah, a bit like first release and standard release.

Then finally, the Security Group is quite a nice features too. Do you want to restrict access to an environment to a specific security group. This is where you can do that.

Back to the update

Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now! 5

The updates lists are all included.

Time to look at some of my other environments. They have not been updated yet, so you can update one environment at a time.

Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now! 6

So far my only worry is that the updates installed were two Dynamics updates while the 2020 release wave 1 mentioned Power Apps as well. So far I’ve not seen any of the Power Apps features arrive.

I had a look in Power Apps and when I tried to create a new app I kept getting authentication warnings:

Power Platform updates? Easy with Update Now! 7

Something must be going on! These updates should definitely not be done during the day while your users are working hard to develop new apps. I would probably delay that Update Now click until after hours. At least for production environments. After about 15 minutes however the system started to work again.

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