Power Apps Patch while Formula-level error management is enabled

Power Apps Patch with Formula-level error Management

Have you tried the Power Apps Patch function to update list items with formula-level error management enabled?

Required fields in SharePoint

In SharePoint you always have to consider the required fields when you update list items. However when you update or create a list item with the patch function you will find that required fields are simply marked as required in SharePoint however the Patch will still work.

Power Apps Patch with Formula-level error Management 1

So even though I didn’t fill in a required field in my Patch function. The SharePoint list item is still created. This is without enabling the error handling in Power Apps.

Formula-level error management

Notice that Formula-level error management is still one of the experimental features. However you can enable it quite easily within the settings of your app.

Formula-level error Management

Patch with the Formula-level error management enabled

Once you have enabled Formula-level error management however you will find that the Patch fails and Power Apps complains that there is a required field.

Power Apps Patch with Formula-level error Management 2

This is one thing that you do need to be aware off when you try the Formula-level error management feature. With this feature enabled the SharePoint connector seems to be less forgiving of your mistakes.

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  1. commented on April 30, 2020 by Bill Young

    Useful to know Pieter – thanks

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