Critical, Unexpected, Warnings and Monitorable errors in the SharePoint 2013 ULS logs

Recently I wrote a PowerShell script to collect all Critical, Unexpected and Monitorable messages in the ULS logs. SharePoint ULS logs With this script I’m creating an item in a … read the sharepoint-2013-critical-unexpected-and-monitorable-errors-in-the-sharepoint-uls-logs post

Connecting SharePoint 2013 to AS400 using iSeries drivers and the Business Connectivity Service

Connecting SharePoint to AS400 To connect SharePoint 2013 with data on an AS400 there are two options available: 1. Connect your BDC to the AS400 system by creating an ODBC … read the connecting-sharepoint-2013-to-as400-using-iseries-drivers-and-the-business-connectivity-service post

SharePoint Exception 0x8107026E When Activating Web Template Feature

My Elements.xml looked like this: <?xmlversion=“1.0“encoding=“utf-8“?> <Elementsxmlns=““&gt; <WebTemplate Name=“General” Title=“General site” Description=“General web template for sites” BaseTemplateID=“1” BaseTemplateName=“BLANKINTRANET” BaseConfigurationID=“0” DisplayCategory=“My Category“ /> </Elements> In my Visual Studio 203 project I … read the sharepoint-exception-0x8107026e-when-activating-web-template-feature post