Top Microsoft Technology blogs

Below I have listed many of the great blogs about Microsoft Technology in my Top Microsoft Technology blog list. All sites are ranked using the Alexa ranking.

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1 – SharePoint Maven

Gregory Zelfond’s blog

Url: Visit SharePoint Maven

Twitter : gregoryzelfond

World Alexa Ranking: 113148

2 – SharePoint Diary

Url: Visit SharePoint Diary

Twitter : SharePointDiary

World Alexa Ranking: 165053

3 – Chris Webb’s BI Blog

Chris Webb’s BI Blog

Url: Visit Chris Webb’s BI Blog

Twitter : cwebb_bi

World Alexa Ranking: 399523

4 – European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference

European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference

Url: Visit European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference

Twitter : europeansp

World Alexa Ranking: 406217

5 – Absolute SharePoint Blog

Vlad Catrinescu’s blog

Url: Visit Absolute SharePoint Blog

Twitter : vladcatrinescu

World Alexa Ranking: 435782

6 – HubFly

Hub Fly

Url: Visit HubFly

Twitter : WeAreHubfly

World Alexa Ranking: 625395

7 – SharePains

My blog is about many different Microsoft Technologies

Url: Visit SharePains

Twitter : PieterVeenstra

World Alexa Ranking: 636701

8 – Wonder Laura

Wonder Laura’s blog

Url: Visit Wonder Laura

Twitter : wonderlaura

World Alexa Ranking: 656043

9 – SharePoint and EPM Issues

Mohamed El-Qassas’s blog

Url: Visit SharePoint and EPM Issues

Twitter : MelQassas

World Alexa Ranking: 687452

10 – John Liu

Flow Ninja’s blog

Url: Visit John Liu

Twitter : johnnliu

World Alexa Ranking: 906727

11 – SharePoint Nuts and Bolts

Chris O’Brien’s blog

Url: Visit SharePoint Nuts and Bolts

Twitter : ChrisO_Brien

World Alexa Ranking: 915889

12 – Waldek Mastykarz

Waldek Mastykarz’s blog

Url: Visit Waldek Mastykarz

Twitter : waldekm

World Alexa Ranking: 946580

13 – Wictor Wilén

Wictor Wilén’s blog

Url: Visit Wictor Wilén

Twitter : wictor

World Alexa Ranking: 1099273

14 – Marc D Anderson’s Blog

Marc D Anderson’s Blog

Url: Visit Marc D Anderson’s Blog

Twitter : sympmarc

World Alexa Ranking: 1125579

15 – The White Pages

Url: Visit The White Pages

Twitter : diverdown1964

World Alexa Ranking: 1156208

16 – David Lozzi’s Blog

David Lozzi’s Blog

Url: Visit David Lozzi’s Blog

Twitter : davidlozzi

World Alexa Ranking: 1402055

17 – Tech and Me

Mikael Svenson’s blog

Url: Visit Tech and Me

Twitter : mikaelsvenson

World Alexa Ranking: 1548216

18 – N8D

Stefan Bauers’ blog

Url: Visit N8D

Twitter : stfbauer

World Alexa Ranking: 1563845

19 – Cameron Dwyer

Cameron Dwyer’s blog

Url: Visit Cameron Dwyer

Twitter : CameronDwyer

World Alexa Ranking: 1725510

20 – Tracy van der Schyff’s Blog

Tracy van der Schyff’s Blog

Url: Visit Tracy van der Schyff’s Blog

Twitter : tracyvds

World Alexa Ranking: 1932804

21 – SharePoint Rider

SharePoint Rider

Url: Visit SharePoint Rider

Twitter :

World Alexa Ranking: 5672011

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