Office 365 – SharePoint – The Records Center – All the different elements


In my previous post I mentioned how to create the records centre. Now I will look at the different elements in the record center.

In this series I will look at

  1. Creating a records center
  2. All the elements of the records center
  3. How to work with the new document library within the record center

The lists and libraries

Within the left hand navigation there are 2 libraries visible:

  • Record Library
  • Drop Off Library

When you compare these two libraries in Office 365 it is very quickly clear that they are not the same. The Record Library only uses the old format library views whereas the Drop Off Library uses the new Style Library

DropOff recordlibrary

The Drop Off Library

Ok, I’m first clicking on the Check it out button so that I’m getting the new look and I go through the 5 intro dialogs


The other dialogs explain:

  • Edit Metadata quickly
  • Save your views
  • Pin files to the top
  • Create links


The Record Library

When looking at the site content it is straightway clear why this library doesn’t use the new look:


This is not a normal document library. It looks like Microsoft has forgotten to include this library? Or maybe there is a good reason behind it.




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