Today I had a play with the new document libraries. I had a look at the different options within the views. The following options are available:


  • List
  • Tiles
  • View in File Explorer




List View


This is the new document library view. Within this view it is possible to manage views.

So I click on the Manage Views (Note that you will need to have admin rights. Also external users don’t get the views menu) options and  …


Yes this is where the old list settings option has gone to. I must say I preferred the option to be called List settings.

Then I had a bit further look for the library settings option. Microsft can’t have removed that wording. And I found it in the cog menu.


Ok, so what else is new.  There is a little + menu within the new view.


Ok, So I’m selecting Single line of text and complete the form that appears:


Ok so this creates a new field. That is nice, other than that I’ve now created myself a list field. I have been telling my customers to create site content types and site columns and now it’s made even easier to just create columns on the lists.

Hmm, maybe I am being told that I should change my approach. No more content types and no more site collection columns!?


Tile View


The Tiles view is very similar to the list view. No real difference there other then the way your documents display.

File Explorer View


Ah, isn’t this nice. The classic SharePoint list view is now called File Explorer.


For more about the new document libraries look and feel please read Marc D Anderson’s Dear Microsoft: Please Listen to Us About the New Document Library “Experience”


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