In this series I will look at

  1. Creating a records center
  2. All the elements of the records center
  3. Manage the Record Center

Creating the record center

To create a records centre in Office 365 there are a number of steps that you need to go through

In the SharePoint Admin Center create a records centre site collection using the Records Center template.


After about 5 minutes the site collection will be ready to use.


Create a connection

In the admin center create a send to connection by clicking on the records center link in the left hand navigation.


So where can I now find this Send to connection? I had a look in my team site’s document library. No luck there. Although …

Then I had a look at this community post. Ok that article is a bit dated. things move fast in Office 365 world. So I need to create a document center.


Hmm, just noticed a new template there “Team site – SharePoint Online configuration”. Something to look into next time.

My Document Center has now been created and I’m able to upload documents.


The library loads straightaway in the new format. But nowhere a link to archive documents to the records center.

Ok, I’m going to enable In place records management  on my Document Center site.


Well now I can get my records management option in my library settings. I have to switch back to the old style library first as Library settings has disappeared from the interface.


While I’m still in the classic SharePoint mode I’m now finding the Send To Record Center option. Ok this is hopeful, I have configured things correctly then.


In the new interface however there is no send to option available. It looks like with the new document library style some functionality has disappeared.


Sending a document to the records center now gives me the following success message.


Nearly forgot …

If you read this artciel properly then you noticed the


After a while my normal team site also contained a send to the Record Centre and Record Center. I created one connection on the library and one global connection.


So I guess I should have been a bit more patient. If it doesn’t work don’t doubt the system to quickly.

Further thoughts

The option for the record center seem to have disappeared from the new document library view. I’m not sure how many people actually use the records center with he send to feature. I would expect that this might need to be added.  If you are using the send to please leave a comment below.



By Pieter Veenstra

Business Applications and Office Apps & Services Microsoft MVP working as a Microsoft Productivity Principal Consultant at HybrIT Services. You can contact me using

One thought on “Office 365 – SharePoint – Creating the Records Center”
  1. Hi Pieter, an excellent post which I came across as part of a presentation I am doing. The community link doesn’t work but I have since found out that your “send to Link” can be found in the Record Center -> Site Settings -> Content Organizer : Settings and when you scroll to the bottom you can copy the submission Point: e.g.

    Also, I noticed the Content Organizer seem to default to System\SharePoint as the Rule Manager Account which I think is invalid in Office 365/ SharePoint Online

    The creation of the Document Centre confused my a bit as I guess it is optional collaboration site where active content can be converted to records.

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