Microsoft Flow – Get your manager to approve documents

Today, a very quick post about Microsoft Flow.  You want to get the manager of the user that created a document to approve a document. You don’t want to specify who the manager is within the flow. Instead Flow should find the manager.

The Get Manager action can help you here:



4 thoughts on “Microsoft Flow – Get your manager to approve documents

  1. What will happen if a use that starts the flow does not have a manager identified in their profile?

  2. commented on May 15, 2018 by Dams

    Why, but why did Microsoft re develop things that existed before? And not upgrading existing possibilites? Workflow 2010 had the same functionality; that disappeared from Workflow 2013 (why?). And now Flow is going to look like workflows, and it was not intended to be (for me Flow was to automate actions, not creating workflows…)

    • commented on May 15, 2018 by Pieter Veenstra

      Hi, i wouldn’t just see flow as a direct replacement for SPD, it is many times better and more flexible. Yes some if the actions available before might not be there, but you can do it all and a lot more without too much effort. Flow isn’t just for automating some small steps. It is both for small and large flows. It simply gives you a no code automation tool.

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