Microsoft Flow – Where your dynamic content comes from?

Do you get confused when you open a Microsoft Flow? There are many actions and one of these actions is using dynamic content called Title.

How do you figure out where this Title comes from?

In my example I’ve got a trigger When an item is created. Then I’ve got an action Get item.

Both of these actions return Title.

Then I’ve used the title form Get item in the Initialize variable action. I saved my flow and all looks OK.

But what happens when you open this flow tomorrow or next week. Do you still know which Title you selected?

Yes, of course you could add a comment or rename the initialize variable action to give yourself a clue, but still you would never be 100% sure where the Title comes from.

The solution is easy!

Copy & paste will do the trick. Just select the Value using Ctrl-A then paste the value into Notepad or any other editor.

So this time I picked the Title from the trigger.

Quite an easy trick, but this has saved me a lot of time!

! Note ! : If you use IE then selecting the dynamic content might not work.



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