Initialize an integer variable to 12305

Today, I tried to convert a number into currency using Microsoft Flow.

For  simplicity sake , I have set a variable to the the number 12305, but I want to display this number as $123.05


Initialize an integer variable to 12305


To convert the number into currency data I’m using the Compose action.

Concat function in Compose action

Using an expression like this one:


would almost work. for 12345 I will simply end up with $123.45 but if the cents are less than then like in my example of 12305 I will end up with $123.5 which will be confusing.

Therfore I’m having to add somthgin to my expression that can add the leading 0 if the number of cents is less than 5. With a simply if expression I got quite quickly what I needed.


If you are happy to use the SharePoint REST API there is an alternative option available. John Liu’s tweet will explain this approach

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  1. Lets consider following case
    how to bring following result.above code not working for this case


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