Customize Forms on SharePoint Libraries

Customize forms

Today I noticed a new feature that I’ve been waiting for for quite a long time. It was already possible to customize forms on lists but now it is also possible to customize forms on SharePoint document libraries.

Customize Forms on SharePoint Document Libraries

As said it was already possible for quite a while to do this on lists but so far document libraries didn’t offer this option and we had to use the out of the box forms.

Power Apps Custom Forms

All you have to do is select the Customize forms option and you can make your changes to the forms. Changing the colour of the forms or changing the layout of the fields is all a piece of cake.

SharePoint custom form in Power Apps

Multiple Data sources

This now means that it is possible to pull in information from other datasources and use them on your forms straight from your document library new and edit forms.

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13 thoughts on “Customize Forms on SharePoint Document Libraries with Power Apps”
  1. I came across the blog looking for a solution to the same problem as Durga. You can SubmitForm() when the FormMode is Edit, but not New. The reason for this I think is because the Name column aka {Name} is not updatable via the SharePoint PowerApps connector. There’s a workaround to trigger a flow to create the document set using the Send an Http request to SharePoint action, but it’s a big oversight not having the ability to create new.

    1. Hi Wilheim,

      I just had another look at this, and I really wonder when you would create a new form?

      New documents are created from the New document menu, in which case the document is created and once the document is there a form can be used to edit the document properties using the custom form in Power Apps. I can’t think of a way where I would first create the document properties in my Power App before creating the document. Can you give me some more details on what you are trying to do?

      1. I’ve used it to create document sets. It’s perfect for that, for example if you have a document library for projects and your list of customers is in another list etc.

      2. Interesting idea,. I have just found similar issues. When I add Content type as a field on my Power Apps form I’ve even noticed that documents content types are listed but the Document Set content type is not.

      3. There is one option that may work. Create your self a form or set of fields, but don’t use the submit form option. Could could start a Flow which does the creation of the document set for you. Not great but probably the best that is possible for now.

      4. I suppose they wouldn’t expect you you want to assign that content type to an existing file, and you can’t create new via the Power Apps SharePoint connector. To expand on my workaround a little, I created a flow that runs the Send an HTTP request to SharePoint action to create a document set via the API, and the SharePoint integration OnSave action contains the formula If(SharePointForm1.Mode = FormMode.New, MyFlow.Run(parameters….), SummitForm(……))

  2. Hi Guys, do you think that having a powerapps form only for edit and view mode and disable the newform (as done through the new document menu) is possible? If yes, how to disable the powerapps form for new and keep it only for edit / view?

    1. Hi Fabrice,

      Within Power Apps, in the SharePoint Integration you could set the OnNew to Navigate(ScreenNotAvailable). All you would then need to do is create a screen and call it ScreenNotAvailable. This is where you could put a message saying that new is not available for this list.

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