Settings Preload app for enhanced performance

Do you want to Start your Power Apps faster? This morning I noticed a new setting on a new Power App that I created.

Preload app for enhanced performance

Allow users to download the app file while authentication is being completed. When you allow your app to be preloaded, people need a link to have access to the app. It does not make the file publicly searchable to anyone on the web or allow your app to be run until authentication is complete. This ensures that your app data will not be available to unauthenticated users.

Performance is everything!

If you app takes forever to load then you will find that the first impression is already made before a user can see your amazing app. 

Preloading an app will make your app faster as the elements that make up your code are loaded in a different way as you start your Power Apps.

The Preload option seems to be only available for new apps. I’m not sure if that means that this is something that will become available for all older app later or if this is something for new apps only.

I had to try this out!

I was only able to find this option for new apps in my default environment. So it looks like this might still be mid role out.

So with a new app that usually loads with one of those circles spinning around, when I enabled this option, the app loaded almost instantly without any delay.

I will do some more testing over time to see if there are any potential problems that this option may cause, but with the limited testing that I’ve done so far, this looks like a great improvement.


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