Update item in an array using Power Automate

What do you do when you have an array of data in Power Automate and you want to update just one item?

Generate an array

In this example I will generate an array of numbers using the following expression:

1 step to update an item in an array in Power Automate Microsoft Office 365 image 43
This will now generate the array when I run the flow.
1 step to update an item in an array in Power Automate Microsoft Office 365 image 42

So how about updating item 7 to 17?

I could imagine using Pieter’s method but there is an easier option. Just 10 minutes ago I was asked on the chat how I would approach this problem.

The question is easy. How to update an item in an array. This array could of course be an array given by another action and this array could contain objects. For simplicity sake, I’m going with the array of numbers. If you have objects, then the principle will be the same however.

Update an item in the array

All we need to do is use the select action.

This select action takes the array that we generated earlier in our Compose action and now within the Mapping part of the Select action we have to do the magic.

Update an item in the array

The expression used above is:

if(equals(item(),7), add(item(),10), item())

So the above expression compares the items with the value that we can identify the right item with. Then we either return the original item back or we adjust the item value.

And that is it! Simple?

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